The Joy Of Doing What You Love

Photography has been an important part of my life since I was about 13 years old.  Pouring all my artistic energy into the little magic box consumed me at times.  Other times it was ignored… but never for long.  Making images is something that I love.  Visiting unique and interesting places to make those images also became something I loved.

From the earliest days, I was drawn to old buildings and the landscapes around them.  That passion continues today unabated.  However, I have also embraced photographing grand landscapes and other natural wonders of the world.  When I am making images I am at my happiest.  When I’m doing the post work on them not so much, but they do go hand in hand.

Leaving my regular world job last year was a liberating and terrifying experience all at the same time.  I left behind nice people that I enjoyed working with and struck out in the tough world of art.  I certainly don’t make as much money as I used to, but each and every day is a new adventure.  Sometimes scary business adventures and sometimes breath taking outdoor adventures where I seek to make new art that will move the people that take the time to view my work.  The joy of doing this work now consumes me.  I long to be outdoors working.

The photograph above is of a hiking stick that I used to carry around with me as I wandered making photos.  I found the stick on a trail many years ago and it is now worn smooth from my hands and the miles that it wandered with me.  These days it has become my ceremonial hiking stick replaced by proper hiking sticks used by those that hike seriously.  But each time I visit an area that offers hiking stick medallions for hikers, I purchase one and add it to my now ceremonial stick.  The stick is covered in them now with little room left for more.  I display it in my art gallery and people ask about it all the time.

I happily tell visitors about the places and photographs I made for any of the medals that intrigue them.  I love this stick as crazy as it sounds.  It’s the story stick of my life!!  It seems appropriate that it sits on a ledge above my PC at the gallery where I see it all day long.  I love my life and what I do.  And I’m thankful to have an understanding wife that lets me pursue this passion.

I highly recommend doing what you love!!


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