Originally from Mississauga Ontario, I now live in Regina Saskatchewan and have been creating art since I was a teenager.  My skills have been self taught through tens of thousands of exposures and countless hours in a chemical darkroom and now in the digital darkroom.

I find creating photographic art gives me an intense desire to create images that will move people.  I am interested not in extracting my art from the environment, but from the feelings and emotions that build up within myself as I experience these evanescent moments in nature.  If I feel strongly about something I will make a photograph that expresses my feelings and perceptions.  It may well not be something that is literally there, but something that exists within me at that moment.

When asked are the colours in my images real, the answer is “Yes they are!”.  The reality is that as an art photographer, I am working to create an emotional response in the viewer.   I want to make them feel something like I did when I captured the image.  Just as a painter chooses colours and textures when they paint, I select shutter speeds, aperture settings, my position, lens type and more to bring my vision and experience of the scene to life.  To quote the famous landscape photographer Ansel Adams, “The negative is the equivalent of the composer’s score, and the print the performance.” I create my score using what is called a RAW file.  I then fine tune that score using Photoshop and my choice of printing materials to create a print that will thrill the observer.  A print that makes the observer feel and see things as I did while capturing the image.  Ansel also said “You don’t take a photograph.  You  make it!”  This is what I saw and my vision of that scene.  I hope you enjoy my art.

This is not Photojournalism, it is photographic art.